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20080103 :: Day 3

20080103 :: Day 3, originally uploaded by punquin.

Last night, Danny and I made a quick trip to the outlet mall (quick because it is outdoors and it was freezing outside!) to look for a large, sturdy purse for me. I wanted something that could comfortably carry my large,new camera. Sure, it would be easier to carry my pocket camera around for my 365/6 project, but the main reason I am doing it is to get practice with my new camera.

The Fossil outlet didn’t have all the newer models that I had been looking at online, but what they did have was marked down 40% or more. After looking at the few that would be big enough, I chose one that was marked down from $160 to $80. It has a lot of pockets for the stuff I need to carry (wallet, keys, hone) so the main compartment can hold the camera and some extras. Since I had a $100 Amex gift card, I picked out a belt, on sale for $15 from $42. My total was $99.73. Sweet!

This morning, Benny and I stopped at Starbucks and actually sat outside with our breakfast for the first time since late September. It’s just been too cold. It was still only 30° this morning, but the brutal wind was finally gone and it felt like I was suddenly in the tropics. Well, not really, but I was comfortable in my warm coat - only my hands were cold. Benny was an angel and laid at my feet. He ignored the people who ignored him, and greeted the people who knelt down to greet him. One lady had an apple core to throw out, and Benny turned on his charm in hopes of getting it. He sat facing her with his paw resting gently on her arm and made sweet-lovin’ eyes at her and the apple core. I think she would have given it to him had I not said that he couldn’t have apple cores.

Now I’m at work. I just finished up two ad designs, and now I have to watch the front desk during a meeting.

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