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It’s Friday, Right?

I failed in my mission to find a coloring table cloth like the Blues Clues birthday one I had 8 years ago. The only one I found was religious and made for crayons (vinyl). So instead, I am going to print out a bunch of free coloring sheets and stick them on to a white paper background. Does anyone know where I need to go to get white paper in a roll that is wide enough for a table?

I’ve ordered my two little craft projects, so the craft table should be ready to go for my birthday party once I figure out what I’m covering it with. I’ll need some party supplies from the local party store right before the event, and I need to figure out what kinds of cupcakes I am going to make (yes, I am baking my own birthday (cup)cake. Sad?)

So far, I have 5 yeses and 5 noes on my party invite. The 5 noes are all going to be out of town on vacation (except the one that lives out of town). Big surprise there. I guess I should have been born in September or something. But 5 yeses is more than double one of my parties when I was little, heh.

I feel crappy today, but it will pass.

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