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My Birthday…

It’s my birthday in less than a month! (Click here for to sign my birthday card or see my wishlist.)

I’ve never had good luck with birthday parties. It’s the curse of being born in the middle of July. Just about everyone goes on vacation when I want to have a party. I think we only tried to have a party for me a couple times when I was little. Both times, I’m pretty sure only 2 kids showed up. The only party I’ve had As an adult was 8 years ago. That one actually had a good turnout. A miracle, I’m sure. I must be a glutton for punishment, because I decided to try again.

I sent out my invitation yesterday (If I missed you, it’s because I don’t know your email address - send me a note!) I’m not expecting many yeses. But, if a few of the people I care about show up, then it will be worth it.

Because I missed out on so many parties growing up (and because I’m a dork), the party theme is going to be puppies and balloons and girly colors. I plan to set up my Twister game and a craft table. I want to make a bunch of cupcakes in different flavors. I’m even turning my laptop into a “photo booth” because the wedding one was so much fun!

Here are some questions for you…

  • Back in 2000 I got a Blues Clues paper table cloth that was a giant coloring book page. I want to order something like that but I can’t figure out what search terms to use. Help! (1, 2) I suppose I could always try to find a big plain paper table cloth and use a sharpie or 5 to make my own coloring sheet…
  • So, I have free software to run my photo booth (though not Mac’s “Photo Booth” - I couldn’t get that to print right on a 4″x6″ and it has big-time bugs that force you to restart it constantly.) The Software is really ugly, but works well. I just need to decide if it’s worth it to try to “build” an actual booth for it. I’d probably only table a bunch of cardboard together and decorate it. Should I bother? The alternative is to hang a backdrop on the wall and just have the laptop facing it.
  • I want lots of balloons and can get them cheap online where I’m ordering plates and stuff, but how do you get the helium to fill them with? I don’t want to rent a giant helium tank that I can’t even lift. Is it easier to just buy filled balloons at the party store that day? It is pain because you can’t fit many in a car and the strings all tangle together. I thought you could buy a small tank of helium, but if you can, what do you do with it once it’s empty?

That is all for now. I need to get back to work, and I should probably eat something today.

Originally published in my journal, Stephanie's Thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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