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June 13 22:08

June 13 22:08

Sorry for the journal spam, but I have Internet for the first time in a week and I’ve been keeping a journal on my iPod.

We made it back to the US fine. No problems on our flight or in customs. Mel & Johnathan picked us up and got son food at the Lazy Dog after picking up Dan’s best man tux. I got a gardenburger and fries. Yey for a I’ll meal that doesn’t make me ill! And, I followed it with a soy chai latte that I’ve been dreaming of all week.

This morning I was up at 6 am yet again. I did some laundry and enjoyed some tea. Mel, Dan and I went to breakfast at 10 with Johnathan and his coworker. I ordered plain pancakes and received one gigantic one.

The three of us went on to Venice Beach. We go there every trip to visit a buddist who sells jewelry there. I got two new neckaces: a little jade Buddha and a really neat one that you have to wear 30 days taught at first for your energy. I can’t wear that one until after the wedding.

After Venice, Dan and I hit the road to get to Westlake Village. It took 2 hours to get there from Redondo Beach. We ran into family right in the lobby. After hellos, we checked in, showered and changed. At 5 we met out at the ceremony site for rehearsal. Dinner followed. It was really nice seeing everyone.

Tomorrow is a long day, starting with an early breakfast and the the wedding at 6. Dan has to be at his brother’s room at 2:45 to start the whole photos of getting ready stuff. I’ll be on my own to get ready and go down there, but it’s a 30 second walk from our room.

Night night!

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