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June 11 23:40

June 11 23:40

Felt fine today, so I think that oog was because I tried some rice dish that must have had meat juice in it. my main problem today is that the toilet paper here is killing me! I knownit’s tmi, but it’s like wiping your butt with notebook paper.

Today was cold! Cloudy all day and a cold wind. Where is the desert weather I was promised? The pool was a ghost town most of the day. A few brave souls were out there bundled under towels and blankets.

We were supposed to go zip-lining early in the morning, but we decided against it. I bet it would have been really cold and windy up there. I woke up at 6 am regardless. My body never switches off eastern time. I read and studied Spanish when Danny dozed. For most of the day we just read and enjoyed the sound of the ocean. I braved the balcony for a while wrapped up in a blanket.

When I finished my book, I repacked my suitcase. I am super anal about packing. Everything gets put in bags in my bag because I can’t stand everything to get jumbled.

After dinner, we took a cab to Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo. We got there at 7:30 and had to wait a while to get in to the main club. We got a table once they opened and settled in to wait for the live band. Two hours later, I was so ready to go, but Dan kept changing the time he said we’d wait till. The band came on at 10:30 and I wasn’t that excited and them. Maybe if I was drunk? Perhaps that is why they wait to go on… Thankfully, Danny was finally ready to go.

Now we are finally in bed bit I’m way too keyed up to sleep yet. Annoying, because I’m really tired. Danny has a bunch of drinks in him to help him sleep, so he’s already out.

We fly back to CA tomorrow afternoon.

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