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June 12 6:58

June 12 6:58

Good morning. I was driven out of bed by the fact that it feels like a slab of marble with sheets on it.

I a bundled up in a blanket on our balcony listening to the waves in one ear and my iPod in the other. the sky is a million times clearer this morning. Figures. We leave today.

I miss my puppies and my bed, butbit’s on to California now. We’ll have another night with Johnathan and Mel before we check in to the hotel where Danny’s brother is getting married.

I am looking forward to being reconnected with the outside world again. Dan has had the Internet on his phone with his international plan. I’ve had to leave my phone off. The hotel has internet in one of the bars for $3/15 minutes, but it’s on their computer. I did get close enough to someone else’s wireless out by the pool one day, but it required a password, room number and $14.95. Dang!

So, I’ve been typing little diary entries into the notes program of my iPod touch. When I get back on the Internet, I should be able to email them to Live Journal. My journal will have to wait, as I can’t copy and paste on here.

Hopefully our flight and customs goes as smoothly as it did on our way in.

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