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June 12 11:35

June 12 11:35

We made it to the airport. We had a note last night saying the shuttle we had paid for before the trip couldn’t take us (some taxi union thing). We didn’t have much cash and the front desk said a taxi would cost $70! Luckily, the taxis are all vans, and they pack them full of people and charge $15 per person. We didn’t have enough, but the taxi coordinator said there was an ATM there. So we made it.

Dan had 200 pesos ($20) left from the airport ATM once we were through security, so he gave it to me to buy a souvenir. I picked out a painted sea turtle figurine for my collection for 198 pesos and came back to show him. He was upset I hadn’t left change and the we’d now have something to declare. Um..? No big deal. He had just decided while I was in the shop that he needed something for his headache and I wasn’t phsycic enough to leave chan in pesos. I gave him my US cash so be could get a bloody Mary and chips ( his runner up to excedrine).

There is wireless here, but like all airports, I can’t get my iPod to go anywhere on it.

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