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June 8 21:39

June 8 21:39

After our pool time, we grabbed some lunch at the poolside buffet. I requested a beach walk, so we kicked off our sandals and headed out. The beach is very skopwdbnear our resort which makes walking difficult. We walked intilnwenran out of beach, Then continued on through the marina. I got an iced coffee and we walked back. I was a little late on reapplying my sunscreen and got some burn on one thigh and shoulder. Nice.

When we got back to our room, we showered off our sunscreen and entertained ourselves. When Danny called the tour company to confirm our snorkeling trip tomorrow, they told us it was cancelled because they didn’t fill it. Doh.

We decided to go out to eat, so we got dressed and took a taxi into town. We ate at a Mexican restaurant, Mi Casa. (I think I’ve had Mexican every meal so far in Cabo.) The food was bueno. I had: sopa de frijoles negros y ensalada de frutas. We started walking after dinner and found ourselves at the mall by the marina. I suggested we walk home via the beach. That was a workout after making a round trip one before today. But, it saved us 100 pesos.

We walked over to the buffet so I could get cafe y las postres. Back at our room, we tried to sit up on the roof terrace, but it was super windy. Now I am in bed and we are channel surfing Mexican tv. We just watched Clarissa Explains It All. I loved that show back in the day!

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