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June 10 20:49

June 10 20:49

Once my tummy meds kicked in, I decided to try to go ahead with Danny suggestion for our afternoon. He wanted us to walk the beach down to the mall in the marina, buy more sun block and see a movie. I wasn’t so sure about my ability to walk a mile or two (I need to look up the distance when I have Internet) on the sloped sand when I hadn’t eaten all day. But, I made it - one foot in front of the other. At least my digestive system was happier.

We saw “Zohan” and enjoyed it. It was nice having our two drinks and popcorn only cost about 65 pesos (1 us $ = 10 or 11 pesos). After the movie, we cabbed it back to the hotel, because it was the hotest part of the day.

We relaxed and read on the balconey for a while, then headed down to the pool for a swim around 6 pm. I took my daily shower afterwards (it’s easier to shower in the evening when you have to coat yourself in sunscreen all day.) We hit the buffet for dinner and I actually ate - some plain pasta, peas and bread. Then sopapillas for dessert.

I’m still super sore and achy - unfortunately, I think it’s just the slab of a bed we have. And, I have the same sinus headache I’ve had for days. But, overall, I’m in much better shape than last night.

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