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Is it June yet?

This entry will contain a lot of girly, vanity kind of stuff… So, pass on through if you find that stuff dull!

My most exciting news is that we are going on vacation next month. I can’t wait!! We already had to be in California mid-June for Danny’s brother’s wedding, so we decided to go to Cabo for a few days prior. I’m really excited - I’ve only been to Cancun (and a day trip to Cozumel) so far. We opted to book an all-inclusive resort for our stay, as we did in Cancun. It is hard to feed me in a foreign country, so having miles of free buffets works well. There is always salad, veggies, etc… Google Maps doesn’t have it shown yet,as it is very new. But, there is a photo and video here in the blank spot where the hotel is now. The hotel next door is by the same company (I wonder if we can use their facilities too…) and has some photos posted of the amazing views.

I’ve bought a couple inexpensive bikinis from Kohls and Target and I am currently trying out a new “gradual tan” daily lotion that actually doesn’t smell like dirty shoes. I’m having problems, however, finding cute skirts to wear. I have pretty wrap skirts, but I’d love to find some simple cotton or linen skirts. I can only find short, 80’s throw-backs or ones that are way too large. A question: what are some good clothes and shoes to pack if we plan to visit a few night clubs? The dirty hippie in me is clueless about these things.

I have my dress for the wedding, and it is currently at the tailor’s being taken in on top. I love it! I was worried that it has too much white to be worn as a wedding guest, but I’ve yet to have anyone think it was inappropriate. The groom though it was fine, though I never heard back from the bride. I already had silver kitten heels and I have a silver wrap. However, I don’t have a clutch that will work. It’s an evening wedding, and I assume silver would work best. My only silver bag is way too beaded and busy to work and can’t fit both a p&s camera and my phone. I don’t want to spend more than $20 and it needs to stand the test of time for a few years (as this dress will). Any suggestions. If I have to order something, it needs to be asap!

One other thing I’m nearly as excited about is my hair! I’ve had really awful extensions lately. The brand of hair I’ve used for years on my open-ended braids no longer makes my blond, and the brands I’ve tried over the past year have been dreadful (literally!) My ends are a disgusting, ratty mess and it all tangles together. So, after much research, I finally ordered some really nice mono-fiber extension hair from Europe. It is still synthetic, but it is supposed to be extremely high quality. I will be able to leave long sections of it loose (I hope!) and even style it on low heat (though I have no rollers). I bought my first hair brush in 8 years in preparation! The hair arrived fast from their Canadian distributor and I am dying to put it in! But, I need to wait till the end of the month so my roots are nice for vacation and the wedding. Must… not.. shave… head… Argh! I am thinking about re-sectioning the front of my hair to add a diagonal side part. That would give me the option of sweeping the front across my forehead fivehead and pulling it back. Here is a picture of me experimenting. Keep in mind, I am probably going to leave double the amount of hair loose at the bottom of each braid, so long as it works out. What do you think?

Since I have questions for you all sprinkled throughout this entry, I shall post them again in an easy, list format. :)

  1. Where can I find cute, simple skirts that are around knee-length and in size xs/s or 0-2? Cotton or linen preferred.
  2. What should I pack to wear to night clubs? Shoe help needed too! Photo examples?
  3. Where can I find an inexpensive evening clutch large enough to fit my phone and a p&s camera that matches my dress? Silver is an option and probably even preferred.
  4. Should I bother adding a side-part option to my hair?

Well, aren’t I needy today? I need to get back to work. This entry has been in progress off-and-on all day!

Originally published in my journal, Stephanie's Thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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