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Guest Room & Party

Been busy, as usual…

Thanks to a 25% coupon for World Market, Danny and I picked out new furniture for our larger guest room (formerly our roommate’s room). It is getting delivered this afternoon. So, this weekend, while Danny was in Baltimore for a concert, I worked on painting the walls. It was mostly painted already - gray on 3 walls and dark brown on a fourth, but the brown made the room look small (it was on the longest wall and really closed up the room). The gray wasn’t edged except for where I had had time to cut in before the roommate moved his stuff in. I ended up painting the brown wall the same gray as the rest, thanks to some kickass primer from Ivan. I touched up the rest and painted the trim. Done!

Danny’s task is to install and new fan/light. Unfortunately, the wiring is not set up for the fan to be on any sort of switch. Boo. We scored some cute bedside lamps for $9.99 each at the mall and got one of those bed in a bag things for $30 off with a coupon. We have our old tv and tivo to put in there. Eventually I want to put some abstract paintings up in there, but I just started them.

We are finally getting the room done because we have guests coming down from PA to our party on Saturday (and because of the great World Market deal!) Laura, who lives in MD, has the other guest room booked as usual for one of our parties.

I am excited about the party. I need to decide what kind of cupcakes I’ll be making. We know which restaurant we are ordering our catering from, but not what we are getting yet. There will probably be a lot of last-minute food and alcohol purchasing on Friday.

I still need to finish the tutu for my 80’s pop star costume. I ended up getting a totally different shirt that the ones I posted in my poll, since I saw one on Target’s site for $10 less ($9.99!). We still don’t have a hair band wig for Dan. It’s not easy to find costume wigs when it isn’t Halloween.

I’m hungry and I want Mexican food not that I am thinking about it… Mmm…

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