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Rock Band

As my twitter posts have mentioned, I’ve taken up singing in the game Rock Band as a stress reliever. Surprisingly, it has worked! As soon as I devoted myself to really trying to improve, instead of casually singing when I got tired of playing drums in the game, my digestive problems went away and I started feeling healthy again. In fact, going to bed early hadn’t helped me, while staying up late to sing *has*. Huh.

I definitely don’t have a lead-singer quality of voice. But, I played in instrument for 12 years in school and have a really solid sense of pitch. It’s just a matter of working on my lung capacity and learning to control my voice so I actually hit the pitch I know I’m supposed to. Then, of course, I have to learn to sing the songs *exactly* as the game wants me to to, which can be tough when I’ve never heard them before. Practice, practice, practice!

I’ve currently hyjacked Danny’s Xbox Live account so I can sing in online bands. He is not pleased, so I am looking into setting up my own, even though it would mean starting my “singer” (Rock Band character) from complete scratch. I really enjoy the online play. When I get matched up with a band full of people playing at the “expert” level, it really inspires me to get better. Especially watching the insane drum parts. You are basically playing really drum parts on a practice kit at that point. (Drums and vocals are the most true-to-life in the game. Guitar/bass pushes buttons, but is still very hard at the higher levels.) Online play has inspired me to start singing some songs on “hard” (it goes: easy, medium, hard, expert.)

As requested by Johnathan, who got to see us streaming Rock Band last night, I made a video of me singing. We had just started playing so I wasn’t fully warmed up, but you can kinda hear me. The original vocals play as well. There are parts in almost every song that I have to sing up and octave because they go low. Oh, well. maybe a lower register will come to me gradually?

Another post about this might appear. i tried to post it from YouTube, but an hour later it still hadn’t shown up. I’ll delete it if I see it.

Back to work now. I have 3 ads due today and a postcard tomorrow, on top of other things.

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