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Je suis frommage!

Once again, my friends, I ask your advice. You may remember that I was contacted a while back by someone wanting to stick my photo in a book they were compiling of images found on the internet. It seemed shady, as the authors were getting their content for free, and if the photographers wanted a hard-copy, they’d have to buy it themselves.

At first, I didn’t respond because I got busy. So I received a last call email that included a link to a FAQ sheet. The additional info that provided was that only the cover photographer gets paid (100 Euros) and gets a copy. I was still wary about it all, so I replied with, “No, thank you. Please do not use my photo.”

Fast forward to today. I got another email from the publisher. He appears to be making a genuine effort to gain my interest.

:: “urban dolls” project


We have been in contact for the PINK ATTITUDE book - as
someone at Liz had selected one of your photo - and
understand you are not interested to participate.
I am not asking again : the book is at the printing
process right now.

If you want we can send a free e-book copy of PINK ATTITUDE
so you can have an idea of the editorial and graphic work
that has been made by LIZ team.

Besides, we are working on a new title called URBAN DOOLS
and I wanted to ask how we can collaborate on this other
book project.

Please feel free to contact me.

Have a good day

Gil Fouchard, Editor

I don’t fancy myself anywhere near the best photographer out there. I have so much to learn. Why so interested in me? I do know that many people wrote in that they found my post when researching Liz Editions. Did the company do a Google search and find what I wrote, or is this genuine interest? I often hate how the internet so easily masks one’s true intentions. Face-to-face I can tell where I stand with someone.

Opinions? And, what might an Urban Doll be? Hmmmm…

Originally published in my journal, Stephanie's Thoughts. Leave me a comment!

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