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Party Saturday!

Aw Yeah!, originally uploaded by punquin.

Hey, baby. Will you be my valentine?

I am typing this with my nails wet (Wing it Wine) in preparation for our party tomorrow. We are having a Rock Band (the game) party, and a bunch of us are dressing up. I will be decked out as an 80’s glam metal fan girl. Sweet! It should be a really fun party, and I hope people can make it. I know that I don’t make it out to many parties (mostly because I am too meek to go on my own), and I hope my friends don’t hold that against me.

Today I am working from home in order to be able to get some of my pre-party stuff out of the way. Yesterday, I bathed and groomed Benny at work before coming home. Today I spent my lunch break bathing China in the downstairs bathroom. She is currently passed out on a towel. I have several loads of laundry in rotation, and I am doing coats of nail polish in between bits of work.

Danny has been dealing with a mystery ailment/injury since returning from London. At first, he thought he had broken a rib, but he’s been cleared of that. For now, he is on pain medicine and antibiotics. His next step is a cat scan. After having to spend a couple days in bed, I am glad that he is able to be upright again. He’s not sure how much he can rock out at the party, but hopefully it will be enough to save the rest of us from failing out of songs. We need a strong lead guitarist!

Late afternoon today, Dan has a haircut at the mall. I’m going to tag along and buy a rock t-shirt for Ivan’s costume and try to find day-glo eyeshadow for mine. Then we need to hit Costco or the grocery store for party snacks and drinks.

Cleaning-wise, I need to make sure all the potties are clean, vacuum everything (including the couch), sweep everything, clear the kitchen counter, put away odds and ends, clear room in the coat closet, and set up the arraignment of the game and seating in the livingroom. I got some inflatable guitars, but I need to see if I can find any other decorations. Maybe just tinsel curtains and a colored light thing? Dunno… I still need to “customize” my t-shirt. I am practicing on a $3 craft store tee. I think I’ll just be making it off-the-shoulder and cutting off all the hems.

Any last-minute food or decoration suggestions for a Rock-themed party?

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