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20080108 :: Day 8

20080108 :: Day 8, originally uploaded by punquin.

When the cookies come out, so do the tongues…

My last few days:

On Sunday, due to Danny’s bad allergies, I cleaned the house top to bottom. I dusted and vacuumed and dusted and vacuumed and dusted and vacuumed. I got the laundry all done including sheets and towels. Dished done and put away. Trash all collected for Danny to take out (I have no garage key, so I figured I’d leave one thing for him). I vacuumed both the couch and our comforter (Danny’s special request). I cleaned all the surfaces of the master bath (but not in the shower or bath - the mold/mildew cleaners make me ill) and put down new bath rugs. I even vacuumed the stairs, which I HATE to do. It was a thankless job, but totally worth it to be able to sit down afterwards and feel proud of how nice our home is.

Monday was a difficult day at work. Dante, who comes to play there every day, was in so we could watch him while he is ill and his mom is at work. The doctors aren’t sure what is wrong, but it seems to be swelling or infection on his brain stem, and they are treating it with steroids and antibiotics as if it were caused by a tick bite. He is very unsteady and confused, and he can’t see well. It is very hard to see him like that, but at the same time, I just want to wrap my arms around him and keep him safe. He was up at the front desk bumping in to things and too stressed to sleep that morning. When his mom came to check on him at lunch time, she agreed that it would be better for him to be in my office resting with Benny. Benny saw that he needed to be gentle with his best friend, and we all thought the canine company was doing Dante good. It was an emotional afternoon/evening with him. I just wanted to see that sparkle back in his eyes and the wag back in his tail. I am hoping when I go in to work tomorrow, there will be good news (or at least no bad.)

Today, I worked from home, since I got very little done yesterday. I plowed through a long list of website updates and additions. I’ve been super exhausted all day. And, I have a wicked headache. But, I have no complaints beyond that. It is crazy warm outside for January (a huge help yesterday when I had to take Dante out often.) It got up to the low 70°s. I wore my black sandals today. Luckily, I didn’t have time for too long of a walk with the dogs, because my left sandal broke halfway through! Despite the warm air, the damp sidewalk was bone-chilling cold the rest of the way home.

Right now, I am just looking through a beading catalog and waiting for Danny to get out of a work meeting so he can head home.

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