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Music and Photos

I’ve been mini-posting. Both to my Twitter and my Flickr. You can follow them on Livejournal here (twitter) and here (phone cam pics).

Since discovering the all-Led Zeppelin channel on XM radio, that has been all I’ve listened to in the car. I can’t get sick of hearing them There are a handful of artists I could list to all day. Today, I’ve had Bob Marley on. I could also listen to Depeche Mode and the Beatles forever. Who could you listen to non-stop without getting sick of?

With the new year approaching, and a new camera in my possession, I want to start a 365 Project (though will it be 366 next year?). At first I thought it involved taking a self-portrait every day, but after reading further, I see it goes deeper than than. The photos should represent your life at that moment. I’ll need to figure out an easy way to carry my heavy new camera around more often. The pros of buying the sturdy (but expensive) tote/purse I want are adding up. Hm… I think I’ll be posting the photos to my Flickr in their own gallery, but I’ll have to decide if I want to do anything else (like a feed on Livejournal, a Flickr group, or mailing list.) What do you think?

Yesterday I filled in helping bathe dogs, do nail trims, make dinners and check dogs out that were going home from their holiday stays. No tips after over 40 tips! Geez.

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