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Happy Birthday, Benny!

Birthday Collage, originally uploaded by punquin.

Benny had his first birthday party today, and it was so much fun! (See the pics here.)

The day started with a trip to the grocery store on the way to work, where I got people cupcakes and a bunch of balloons. (I had made Benny’s dog-safe cake the night before.) As soon as Benny and I got to work, I started setting up the room for the party. I wanted to make it look nice since all the employees and a bunch of dogs were invited. One of the dog’s (Bree the sheltie) mommy was even coming with treat bags of cookies for the guests. She is too sweet! Everything looked great, and the employees were circling like vultures when they heard there were cupcakes.

We had the party at 1 pm. I got the huge surprise of a former coworker showing up with Bree’s mommy. She hadn’t seen Benny since he was 8 weeks old. All the doggies enjoyed the cake, and Benny got some great presents.

This was the (canine) guest list:

  • Benny the Golden
  • Luna the Golden
  • Bella the Beagle Mix
  • Charlie the Aussie
  • Jackson the Aussie
  • Stella the Aussie
  • Bruno the Beagle Mix
  • Trevor the Mini Aussie
  • Jack the Aussie Mix
  • Chase the Yorkie

Oh, and Dudley the Lab arrived mid-party for daycare and “crashed” the party for some cake, heh. When I was done cleaning up, Luna came back to the office for an “after party” with Benny and his new toys. Then he napped off all the cake until it was time to go home. He was Snoozie McTiredson by then.

Happy Birthday, Benny! I can’t believe you are already 1-year-old!

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