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Car: On, Friday morning, I went out to my car only to find it wouldn’t start. Well, in my words, it only was starting “halfway”, in Carmax’s words, there was something about “turning-over” (makes me think of a submissive dog.) They gave me a number to a tow company, who charged me $160 to tow it 10 miles to Carmax. Ow, but I guess my maintenance plan will pay back $50 of that. I got a call in the afternoon from the service department. They had confirmed the problem I had, and since the “check engine” light on my car didn’t supply any error codes, they called a contact at Suburu. Apparently, this is something that happens (scary) and they recommended the service guys do some thing with the gas petal pressed/pumped for awhile and it would start. They said that worked and that it was started every time for them after that. Part of me was relieved it wasn’t something major, but I was also really worried that it would happen to me again - possibly when I’m all alone. The service manager asked if they could keep the car till Monday (they are closed on weekends) so they could test that it started still. While inconvenient, that sounded like a smart idea. So, I am working from home today. Dan is as well, so he can take me to get my car before going out drinking with friends for “happy hour”.

Benny’s Birthday: So, Benny’s birthday is Friday the 14th. I will be hosting a birthday party for him at my work. The problem is, with the dog parties I usually host, I am the director/photographer and I have an employee assist me by being the one to cut the cake and interact with the “guests” in the photos. But, this time *I* want to be in the pictures. It’s his first birthday, and I want to go all out. Danny will be out of the country, so he can’t come. I guess asking my photographer friends if they are available to come might be useless as well, as that party will be at 1 pm on a work day (”nap time” at my work so the room is available.) I’m not sure what to do.

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