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Extra Hot

  • I’ve been without a car stereo or nav system for nearly 8 weeks. When I took it in for repairs, they told me it would take 3 to 4 weeks. I kept calling starting at 4 weeks and they’d always promise to call me back with news. They never did call me a single time. I finally decided it was more productive to stop by on my way to work. I did that a week before my vacation and it still hadn’t been repaired. They said they’d try to get it done before I left town, but I took that to mean that it wouldn’t happen, based on their track record. So now I’m back and it’s been 7.5 weeks. I stopped by today, and surprise, it is back. Were they planning on letting me know this? Who knows. Both the guys at the front counter cringed hearing I had been driving around with a giant, gaping, silent hole in my dashboard for almost 8 weeks (being tech-junkies working in an a/v store, that would be hell for them). I got them to schedule a re-install for Friday despite their busy holiday schedule. I’m not sure what I’ll do with music in my car after silence for so long.
  • I’m determined to use my own mug at Starbucks to live a little greener, but I keep having trouble remembering to bring one. I decided to leave one in my car that I wash in the kitchen at work after I use it. I guess I didn’t realize that the mug would get pretty cold in my car. It is beautiful and in the 70°s today, but when I took a sip of my soy chai, it was almost ice cold. I had to go back in and ask them to heat it up for me. The barista kindly remade it (saying she couldn’t heat it up) and told me I should either ask them to run the mug under hot water or ask for it “extra hot” in the future. The extra hot worked. It’s a couple hours later and it’s still warm. Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a tea addict.
  • It is hard to believe it is almost Christmas! When we got back from vacation I just couldn’t wrap my brain around it. Since I had to put all our Halloween decorations away in the “decoration closet”, I ended up taking out a wreath and mini xmas tree. Having those up in our foyer has help my brain figure out what time of the year it is. I keep thinking it’s only September.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I am totally not ready for holiday shopping. Ugh. But, presents are welcome, hah! I think I am going to try to think of as many homemade gifts as I can. Unfortunately, much of my family is male, and therefore harder to make things for.
  • Vacation post is still coming soon. It is almost all typed out.
  • I can’t believe my little boy turns 1-year-old next month! I am going to hve a party here at work fro him and send invitations home to all of his friends.
  • Oh, I forgot… Thanksgiving is tomorrow. We aren’t doing the traditional thing. We are having Danny’s homemade veggie chili. Yum! The house is going to smell so good tomorrow. Our friend Ivan will be joining us, as usual. Most people have family things they have to attend on Thanksgiving.

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