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Almost Trip Time!

So, Danny is in California for a class right now. On Friday, I will be flying out to join him and start our week-long vacation. I am alternating between calm and a bundle of nerves. I’ve never been away from the puppy before and I haven’t traveled alone in many years.

Since my brain is in list mode:

  • Our god friend Laura will be house-sitting for us while we are gone. The dogs love her and I trust her completely. I do worry about the puppy being locked up in the kitchen for 10 hours every day. China is old and lazy, and perfectly content to nap and chew on her feet all day, but Benny usually comes to work with me and has only been home alone that long on random weekends. He is always fine, but as he is in the middle of his doggy “teenage years” he is going to be like a cyclone when Laura gets home from work at night. Danny vetoed the idea of a dog walker for him. I checked with another friend, but understandably, his schedule didn’t allow for any afternoon dog walks. I wish I knew more people in my area, but very few of my friends have moved further from DC as we have. I’m sure the dogs will be fine. They will probably have to do many laps before bed to wear themselves out. Hopefully we’ll still have grass and hardwood floors left when we return!
  • The other thing causing me anxiety is the fact that I have to take a cab to the airport on my own. I’m really scared about this. I’m worried they won’t show up and I’ll miss my flight. I’m scared that I’m going to be kidnapped (irrational, I know). And, I have no idea what to tip. Any ideas? And, does anyone in the area know of a super safe cab company? I’m flying out of IAD. Ugh! Laura kindly offered to take me to the airport before taking the dogs out on her way to work. Phew!
  • Sunday night I started redoing my 86 braids. Yes, it was left a little last minute, but the past month has been super busy and I knew it was possible to do it in 5 days. By Monday night I had 26 done. Tuesday night I had 56 done. I did 3 this morning before Benny insisted I get dressed and take him outside. So, I have 27 left. They are all in the back, so a little slower to do, but I can make it happen. None of them are badly dreaded since I didn’t leave it 4 months like usual. I doubt I’ll get too many done today since I will be in the office until about 7 pm and have errands/chores tonight. If I can get it down to 15 or less left for my last day here, that would be perfect.
  • I’ve been splitting up all my pre-trip chores over this week. Yesterday I went to the drug store in the morning before work to get the toiletries I was lacking. This morning I filled my gas tank (so I wouldn’t come home to an empty tank) and went to the bank for deposits and travel money. Tonight on the way home I will stop and get crickets for the geckos and bunny food for mini. Last night I got a lot of the trash (Dan forgot to take it out after the party) out the the corner of the backyard by the garage. Tonight I’ll have to walk outside the fence to the garage and open with the remote since I don’t have a garage key. Then I can put all the trash out for trash night. I have to clean out the fridge and pantry so nothing gets rotten while we’re gone. And, I have to use my She-ra strength to take the recycling out front. I’ll probably start on laundry and dishes tonight then finish them tomorrow while working from home. Tomorrow, of course, I pack. Busy!!
  • I’ve been craving a pbj since last night, but we have no bread. I don’t want to buy a loaf that will just go bad while I’m gone.
  • I’m actually glad I have an office I can come into when I want to. It is lonely at home, and at least I get to be around other people (and dogs) this way.

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