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Busy Weekend Ahead

Ahhh, bed! I just crawled in under the covers and the warmth feels heavenly. Can’t go wrong with the simple pleasure of a warm bed on a cold night. Speaking of which, isn’t it supposed to be spring now? Why is it 30° F??

My day was a normal work-from-home day (I typically do 3 days in my office and two from home per week.) I walked the dogs, made coffee, got to work down in our home office. In the evening, Ivan came over. We took the dogs out fora walk and I just about froze my ears off. Brr! For dinner, we got tacos - black bean for me. I heart tacos! After dinner I spent some time working on customizing the sidebar of my blog. I’m really liking my new gallery plugin, though I’ve only used it for one gallery so far. Before bed, I finally got to play some Rock Band 2! I’ve had a cold for a week and hadn’t been able to play.

Tomorrow (and Sunday), I’ll be face painting at my work’s booth at the Super Pet Expo. Hopefully it goes well. It’s been a while since I’ve face painted at an event, and it’s been many years since my days of doing it on the weekends for cash. I will be limited to several doggy designs to fit the company theme. Stop by and say hi if you are there in the afternoon! I don’t plan on bringing Benny on Saturday, but maybe on Sunday.

Time to read and relax in bed!

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