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I’m about to head to bed, but I thought I’d write a quickie post first…

The weekend went fast! Saturday Dan had a hair cut appointment at 10. I tagged along then we went to Home Depot to get 16 bags of mulch on sale. Dan spent the day working on our biggest planter bed out back, while i cleaned inside. Laura came over that night and we got some dinner (mm, bean tacos!). We did some work on our party decorations and played some Rock Band 2.

On Sunday, I went with Laura to a brunch/jewelry sale party thrown by a coworker in Arlington. I am on a budget and was not allowed to order anything. Laura was awesome and ordered me some pretty silver earrings with a $10 gift card she won. After that, we drove around trying to find gold wrapping paper to decorate the party photo booth with (check!) and stopped for burgers (make mine a veggie) and fries. Back at home, we worked on more party decorations, and I got the photobooth covered in the gold paper while Laura figured out some work scheduling stuff. When she figured out that she wouldn’t be working on her birthday, I gave her the little gift I had made her (see below). Danny had gone to a Caps game with our friend/neighbor Dan, and they came home so we could all play Rock Band 2 together for a bit.

Yesterday was uneventful – a work from home day. We had our tax appointment in the evening. Glad that is over with! Today I was back in my office. My day was unproductive because of computer issues. I use a hand-me-down computer there (as all my desktops have been) and it has strange partitions/hds. OS X is on a 17 gig drive, another 17 gig drive is split in 2 equal parts, and a 40 gig was split unevenly. It was all very strange and with ever OS upgrade the main hd filled up more and more. Now I get “startup disk is full” errors every time I use big programs like Photoshop. It was making work impossible today. So I emptied the 40 gig drive’s partitions and repartitioned them to be 1 again. Then I used a utility to make an exact copy of my OS hd to it. It took a long time, and I was unable to work during it because my startup disk kept getting full still. I was scheduled to help up front in the doggy daycare 5 – 7 pm anyway. It was all done the copying when I got back to my desk. I rebooted to my new startup disk and quickly tested Mail before heading home. It seems like everything is working perfectly.

Okay, this has gotten long! Big shout-out to the birthday girl, Laura! Look out for a post soon about all the fun decorations we’ve been working on for her party on the 18th. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the present I made for Laura and the practice piece I made for myself.

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