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Vlog 002 :: I Think We’re Alone Now

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If you thought I was a dork after the last video… Yeah. Heh. Any video requests (of a non-sexual type)?

Today was a work from home day. I needed it. Yesterday was super crazy in d0ggy daycare land, and I had a lot to get done today.

Benny woke me up right after I got to sleep last night at 1 am. He was crying and whining like he does when he has to go have diarrhea. The little bastard just wanted to run around outside. We came back in then he proceeded to make as much noise as possible for about an hour before finally giving us some peace. He is definitely in his “teenage years”. He’ll be 10 months old mid-month. On the 13th, China will turn 7. Our sweet bratty old lady.

Benny napped all morning sue to his late night, but by evening he was driving us all crazy with how hyper he was. He isn’t allowed in the backyard right now since it was just seeded, so I took him for a run. It was my longest so far (not far at all, but great for me). I’m getting better at breathing, but I think it is just something you need to condition your lungs for. The temperature is heading back up into the 90’s though, so it will be too hot again. Are we ever going to have autumn?? I bet we’ll skip right to winter… As usual.

I think I’m going to finish my coffee and go watch tv in bed! So there!

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