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The Infinite Fence

Benny & the Fence, originally uploaded by punquin.

So, this is what we’ve done two weekends in a row. Paint, paint, paint, paint.

The HOA requires that our fence is white (though I like it that way anyway). The quote we got for painting was nearly what the fence cost to have built. Thousands. *cough* Yeah, we’re painting it ourselves. At least the outside of it.

We don’t really want to spend the next 20 weekends painting, so we may have someone do the inside for us. A neighbor gave us a recommendation that should be much cheaper. And, we’ll have done half the work already. It is so tedious. I understand why they charge a lot.

It looks good, though, doesn’t it?

I started decorating the front of the house for Halloween this evening, but I ran out of both light and tombstones. I’m hoping our friend Ivan can pick up a few more for me with his swanky store discount (though they are only $3 - $5 there). I’ll have repeats, but at least my cemetery will be complete. I need to put up more cobwebs and figure out what lighting to get. Purple lights will be fun.

Later in the month I’ll work on the decorations for inside the house (since we are hosting a party.) We’ll also go get pumpkins. I want to do several spooky faces for the stairs and cemetery. I am carving fancier designs into two fake pumpkins that I can reuse.

Who’s making dinner tonight?

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