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Friday? Friday!!

I love my job (Art, technology and dogs. Perfect!), But I’m always glad for Friday! Even more exciting: our long-awaited vacation is just one week away! We are going out to California, though we have no plans yet.

As usual, I am redoing my braids for the trip. But, this time, I am 1.5 months later in doing so and the itch is driving me nuts! I didn’t want to redo them in March only to have to re-redo them in April, so I’ve suffered through the wait. Also, I’ve kept my hair strawberry blond with a bit of red mixed in since autumn, so I am switching back to my natural blond. I have 29/106 done so far and want to get to at least 70/106 by the end of the weekend.

Tonight we are heading to the mall (fun, fun) in hopes of finding me a sweater for the trip. All I want is a long-sleeve, button-down, brown (and maybe black) cardigan sweater for chilly nights on the beach. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is, because everything I find is either not brown (brown matches most of my clothes, black would match the rest), not long-sleeved (why bother? sweaters are supposed to warm you!) or they are zip-up hoodies (too casual - I need something that can be dressed up too). Hopefully I’ll find something before we leave for California, but I’m not holding my breath that I’ll find something tonight. If you have any suggestions as to wear I should look, leave a comment or send me a twitter tweet thingie to @punquin.

Old Sweater3467932365_2d5ea15782


Speaking of cardigans, I decided to do an upcycle/remake project. I took an old K-mart crew neck sweater from my donation pile and refashioned it into a cardigan. I think I will move the button slightly, but I’m too lazy to do it right now. I wore it yesterday, and it turned out really cute. The sweater had been way too short on me (like 7″ above my belly button!) and the neckline unflattering. Now it is really fun to wear.

It’s going to be really hot this weekend - around 90° F on Sunday. I don’t mind warm/hot weather, but our heater/air conditioner wasn’t working and I was worried about the dogs. Luckily it turned out to just be a power switch that was shorting out. The price they charged to replace it was kinda rediculous, but at least we are ready for the heat wave.

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