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Summer Skirt: Fiji Umbrellas

The weekend went fast – because I was busy! I did lots of braiding. I’ve now redone 65 of 105. Need to finish by Friday, as we leave for California on Saturday morning. We cooked out for dinner both nights. It was nice having friends join us!

On Sunday, I finally made a trip to the fabric store to get what I needed to make some summer clothes. I wanted to make a simple summer dress (no pattern needed for that) and some skirts. It took a while to find just the right pattern for the skirt. I didn’t want anything with a bulky waist (no elastic or draw strings.) I went with a pattern by Burda in their “Young Fashion” collection (view B here). Though doing a faced yoke (the waistband part of the skirt) with a hidden zipper is harder than elastic, it will lay smooth under a shirt.

I bought two types of fabric with matching zippers for skirts to start with. Last night I made the first one… And, I love it! I used A Fuji Afternoon Umbrellas for the fabric. I had to give myself a quick refresher course on hidden zippers, but I didn’t have to seam rip once. That’s good for me!

My next skirt is going to be a grey one (I don’t see that fabric online.) I want to get it done, and possibly the dress, before we go on vacation. I could seriously live in skirts and dresses all summer if I was able to. Skirts don’t work out well at the doggy daycare, though. :P

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