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My Brain Has Already Left…

Is it vacation time yet? because I think my brain has already left… This morning I tried to wash my face with shampoo. And, seeing as it is peppermint tea tree shampoo, THAT got my attention!

I made it to 29 braids left to redo by the time I went to bed last night. I could ahve done more, but my nails keep getting these rips in the side halfway down my nail bed - too far down for me to be able to cut them for a couple weeks. I try my best to cut off the rips from the side and file the rest of the way in, but I’m filing into raw flesh and can’t get all of it. Leaves my nails lopsided and misshapen, but at least it stops the constant snagging on things (hair especially).

This morning I only got one braid redone before work because I got cause up in pulling out potential clothes for our trip. I never know what to pack. Can I just have a portal installed in my bag that opens up to my closet at home while I’m away? Oohh! Then I’d be able to bring the puppies! :P

I let myself get stressed out this morning looking at my work and thinking of all I have to do before Saturday. An optic migraine started instantly at the thought. Ugh! I talked through all my upcoming projects with my wonderful marketing manager coworker and I’m feeling a lot better about it all now. Still, my time will be short. 28 braids to redo, a standing commitment tonight to practice Rock Band 2 with 3 others, helping out at the front desk of work 5 -7 tomorrow… *breath and relax*

Work work work…

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