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Back to the Grind

Our trip to California went way too fast (though, at the same time, I was missing my doggies a whole lot while I was out there!) It is always so wonderful to spend time with Johnathan and Mel and to get to see family.


One highlight of the trip, was when we visited a doggy beach with their dog, Lucy, the sweetest pink-nosed pit in the world! It started out very foggy and grey, but before long, the sun was out and burning me straight through my spf 50! I was out in that sun longer than I should have been, but oh well. Lucy had a great time and it was very relaxing for us all.

Master Tony

Another highlight was getting to visit Venice Beach. I love it there, as I am a hippie at heart. For years, we’ve stopped by on every CA trip to see Master Tony (I stole this photo from Mel!). Tony teaches meditation and make beautiful power bead bracelets and necklaces. In the past, he had a table along the beach walk. But, this is the first time we’ve gotten to visit his new store, Jade! Last year, I got a necklace that he told us changes if you have good energy. He has always told me I have very good energy, but it was still a surprise to return and see just how different my necklace looked from the new ones in his store. My stone is a translucent peachy color and they start out opaque brown/tan. You are supposed to initially wear them for 30 days straight, which I did, but I continued on until the stone broke off the cord after 6 months. I was able to kind of repair it by cutting off extra cord from the back to tie the stone on with, but my main goal in CA was to have Tony restring it. I chose a really pretty cord for it, plus and extra one in case it breaks again. He kindly gave me the extra for free. You can see it here in the lame picture of me. I also got two bracelets: one for love/family and a jade one for luck. Danny got a really pretty Buddha necklace and a new protection bracelet. For Laura, we had Tony help choose a necklace that was good for happiness, love and positive energy.

All of Tony’s stuff is amazing, so stop by his store, Jade, if you are in Venice Beach! You can tell him the girl with the blond braids from the DC area sent you! :P

I miss Mel and Johnathan already.We had such a nice time with them. I want to steal them and bring them out here for a while…

3 Amigos

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