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My New Car

We had a busy weekend! We’ve been going over our budget lately and Dan has been doing a great job lowering all of our costs and payments. Since the Murano we got for me last year turned out to not be the best fit (purely because of the age), we started looking into trading in for something less expensive.

I’ll spare you all the drawn-out details, but a lot of thought and reseach went in to our decision to get a 2007 or newer Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. While we did have a dealer run the numbers on a lease of a brand new one, ultimately we had to go with a used one. The price was great – lower payments than my ’05 Murano and less miles on it.

I did have to compromise a lot… I gave up keyless ignition, a sunroof, backup camera and navigation. I had no choice in the color, though it is fine. Just not what I’d choose. While the Santa Fe plays MP3 CDs, it only has a single tray. The Murano had a 6-cd changer. When we saw that (and the fact that it isn’t the best sound quality), Dan said we’d swap it out for a in-dash double-din nav/stereo. He’s unsure now… It could cost a lot after install is added in. We’ll see.

If you can believe it, I haven’t driven it yet! I hate driving, and it takes me a couple weeks to be comfortable in any car I’m unfamiliar with. So Dan does the test drive, and I just try out the driver’s seat – making sure I can adjust everything to my liking and checking out any blind spots. Once I’ve driven it for a while, I’ll be fine. Hopefully, the rain will let up and I can take it around the neighborhood for my first drive. For now, I am working from home.

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