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Catching Up

I need to catch up here!

As you’ve read, we traded my car in for a 2007 Santa Fe. It had the most basic of basic stereos, so we went last week to Charlottesville to have Crutchfield install and navigation/stereo combo. We were happy to get to see friends who moved out there as well. Initially, Crutchfield called us to say they didn’t have the unit they were supposed to reserve for us, but we ended up with a lower model (at a discount) that suited us better. We also installed a back-up camera which makes me feel a lot safer. I was having a hard time seeing out the back when I reversed. In the end, they weren’t able to finish the install – the unit is in place and works, but they didn’t have what they needed to get my steering wheel controls hooked in. Right now I have to lean a lot to change stations and fix the volume. We’ll have to go back again to get the rest done when they get the parts in.

On Tuesday night I finally got to see Nine Inch Nails!! I’d been wanting to see them forever. Back on our wedding anniversary, Danny bought really great tickets. I didn’t realize until we got there that we’d been in the first row of seats! The show was so, so great! I enjoyed all three bands: Street Sweeper Social Club (with RAtM’s guitarist), NIN, and Jane’s Addiction. I’m not a huge JA fan, but the singer was just so happy to be there entertaining us that it couldn’t help but rub of on us. And, Dave Navarro is so good and playing the aloof, douchey guitar-guy that it was a lot of fun to watch. I took photos on my cell phone, which would have been fine, but I kept turning on the keyboard lock while it was saving them. Apparently, this makes the photos save at a much lower size and quality. Bummer.

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