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A Horrible Morning…

Ugh, my morning – not good. I hadn’t slept much the night before due to stress over my ultrasound this afternoon. So things already weren’t starting out right.

I can’t walk China anymore – she is bad on leash and the pulling hurts me. So, I was in the side yard with them picking up her poo (diarrhea, no less). Benny was with us. When I went to open the storm door, it wouldn’t open! It felt locked, though I didn’t even know it *could* lock. I had been in and out of it a couple times while China was out there, so it was a surprise.

After pounding to see if I could loosen it, I tried all the house doors. Of course we keep everything locked. I put the dogs in the back yard and walked a few blocks to our friends house. They have a key. But, no one was home. I walked back, having sharp intestinal cramps from the stress. I tried the storm door one more time, then started trying neighbors. Next door, no one answered. The cop’s house on our street – no one was home. One house had their inner door open so I tried that. The wife answered and kindly let me use their phone to call Danny. While I was telling him what happened, she was listening and offered to get her husband – she said he did handyman work. I was so grateful! I’m 5 months pg and have eaten nor drank nothing today and was crampy and freaking out.

The both came over after I got the dogs back into the backyard (I had let them in the side again so they could get out of the rain on the porch. China was mad and wanted inside. She wanted nothing to do with me herding her back out in the rain, but I got her there. It took only 30 seconds for the neighbor to jimmy the door open with a screw driver. What a relief! There turned out to be a little metal bar you can slide back and forth to lock. I guess it locked itself…

I am ready to curl up in fetal position at this point. Ugh.

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