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It’s a…

19 Weeks 2 Days, originally uploaded by punquin.

BOY! Wow! I am the girliest-girl ever, so this will be the adventure of a lifetime. I’m not surprised. I’ve only had boy dreams and kept calling him “he” without thinking.

The ultrasound went well. Baby was moving like crazy, like always. She asked us if we wanted to know the sex before she headed in that direction, and she didn’t even have to tell me. I said “THAT’S A BOY! That is DEFINITELY a boy…” Sorry – I didn’t scan in the junk picture, heh.

She took a ton of measurements, but it still went by too fast. He’s got a big ‘ol noggin like his mommy. They estimated him a little big in general. Where exactly am I going to fit a big baby boy in my tiny body? Oh, my.

So baby boy has his head really low, smooshing my bladder. I’ve definitely been feeling that for the past couple of days! She had to struggle a bit to get all her brain shots. His rump is up on my right side nearer the top. It is the lump I see at night when I get all lop-sided. He was drumming and dancing so the hands and feet were all over the place. I was feeling most of it. A nice perk to being skinny!

They gave us a certificate for a free 4D scan which we’ll use at 28 weeks. My next OB appointment will be next week – the 20 week one.

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