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22 Weeks

22 weeks! I’m getting more of a belly and feel huge, but I’m still not sure if strangers think I am pregnant.

I had a bit of drama yesterday. While I was waiting for my prenatals to be filled at the pharmacy, I had my blood pressure checked. It was 93/75 with a pulse of 115. When I asked the pharmacist’s opinion, she though I should call my doctor. I called when I got home and the nurse was worried about my fast pulse (but not so much the bp) and had me see the doctor.

I normally have a huge spike in blood pressure due to anxiety when I get to my appointments, so it was up to 120/63 there. The doctor decided to make the appontment count as my monthly one so I didn’t need to come back in 2 weeks. I heard the baby’s heartbeat – sounded wonderful as usual, and he was moving all over and visibly kicking me.

She told me to pay attention to my pulse rate and note if it gets that high again. If it goes that high more than a couple times a week, she wants to put a monitor on me for 24 hours to determine if I need medication. I guess this is something that can happen in pregnancy. I always have a fast pulse, but that was rediculous and it was making me shake.

My weight looked good to them. I’d gained 1 lb in the 2 weeks since they’d seen me. I was told I’d likely start gaining faster now, but the doctor thought I’d probably only gain around 25 total. I’m just going with the flow… As long as the baby’s size is on track, I am happy!

Once back home, I had to deal with a medical lab that keeps submitting my test fees to our old insurance (which of course denies them!) I again gave them the right info over the phone, so hopefully they’ll stop sending invoices.

I also called a local yoga studio I’d been wanting to try out but had been waiting for our extra car payment to end. They were super nice and told me which classes would work for me. So I’ll be going to a trail class on Saturday morning. I have no idea if there will be anyone else there for prenatal yoga. It is a “gentle yoga” class that accepts prenatal clients. I am really excited to try it. I’ve been wanting something to help with both the aches and all my “what if something bad happens” stress.

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