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28 Weeks!


Me and Baby, originally uploaded by punquin.

There’s a little human moving around in there!!!

This week we had a free 4D ultrasound (as a thank you for choosing the place we did for our big anatomy scan at 20 weeks). It was pretty freaking amazing to see baby moving around in there. He was chilling out mostly, but he was all about opening and closing his little hand. At one point, his big foot comes up by his head. Better there than on my bladder! He is currently breech, with his head on my left, back arching over the top of my uterus, butt on the right and feet stomping all over my bladder. You better turn over soon boy!

Time is finally moving fast! 28 weeks… 7 months. Wow! I am finally visibly pregnant. I seem to have relapsed into feeling queasy and tired all the time. But besides that and a pulled muscle in my lower back, I feel good.

My baby shower is just over 2 weeks away. Yikes! For those looking for our registries, we only did them at Amazon.com and Target. My next doctor’s appointment is in early December at 30 weeks, then I start my every-2-weeks appointments. Time will go even faster at that point!

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