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8 Months!


31 weeks!, originally uploaded by punquin.

So I’ve somehow made it to 8 months/32 weeks! Wow!

I’ve been feeling good. Gaining a good amount of weight for my small size, blood pressure on the low side of average, doing yoga as often as work and weather allow.

I had my appointment today. Baby’s heart beat sounded great, but I talked to the doctor about the fact that he has been laying transverse (sideways instead of head down) for about 4 months. He really, really likes it in that position. She told me that while he has time to move on his own, sometimes they don’t. She would be willing to try to turn him at 37 weeks, but Danny and I didn’t like the sound of it. I would have to have an epidural, then they would manually try to turn him. If he doesn’t tolerate it (i.e. – his heart rate starts dropping) they would do an emergency c-section right then and there. I am really hoping to have the opportunity to have a natural labor. Having such a scary-sounding procedure that may lead to a c-section and may lead to him turning back to transverse anyway just didn’t sound good to us. We agreed that we would just let nature take it’s course and mentally prepare for the possibility of a c-section when the time comes if he hasn’t turned.

The doctor told us we could try icing baby’s head to get him to turn. She did a quick ultrasound scan to confirm which side his head is on (my left). So I will have to start trying that. He won’t be happy about it, I bet! He even hates my cold hands…

Beyond that, everything looks great and I’ll be back in 2 weeks. It was really hard to get an appointment scheduled, so I had to do it on one of my office days. I’ll have to switch things around with work.

Baby is currently beating the heck our of my ribs. I think he is trying to climb them. Time for dinner!

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