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9 Months!!

9 months.. Can you believe it? On Wednesday, I will be 37 weeks and baby will be considered full-term. I am so ready to meet him and not be pregnant anymore, that he is more than welcome to come out after Wednesday! Danny is sure I’ll go early – around the full moon at the end of the month. I tend to prepare for the “worst” and am expecting, like most first-time moms, that I’ll go overdue. I honestly can’t wrap my brain around getting even bigger over the next 3 weeks. i mean, look at that belly!!

While I have a lot of pregnancy ailments, I am doing really well. I’m still able to go walking (when I can find a warm, dry place to do it) with just some ligament and hip pain. I get a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions that can slow my pace down, but they aren’t painful. I can still go to yoga, it is just getting harder and harder each week. It’s like yoga with a bowling ball attached to my belly. I don’t sleep much… it is painful to roll over and I have to pee ever couple of hours. But, I’m grateful whenever the sleep I do get adds up to over 4 hours.

I have my hospital bag packed enough that we are good to go. I have a few things to add, but I could survive without them. I don’t have bag packed for Danny yet. He has items that can’t be packed up because he uses them every day. I’ll have to figure that one out, because he’s not allowed to leave me alone at the hospital during labor. I’ll need him too much! We went to our childbirth class last weekend. There was plenty I knew and plenty I learned. I think the most beneficial thing was that is was given by our hospital and we learned so much about their beliefs and procedures. I was really glad to find out they are very pro-breastfeeding and have lactation consultants available. I wish we could have toured their facilities, but they have stopped them due to H1N1 season.

This past week was my last week of driving an hour to Maryland to work in the corporate office. It was nice to work closely with everyone for a couple months, but I was starting to have problems with the long drive and fears of going into labor on the beltway. On my last drive home, I came close to passing out at one point because I hadn’t eaten enough that day. And, my bladder was not happy whenever I hit bad traffic.

We have enough items purchased for baby that we are ready for him. We did have to buy the majority of the major things off our registry ourselves. The rest we’ll have to pick away at over time.

Starting sending a lot of happy labor vibes my way so this little one doesn’t make his appearance late!

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