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37 Weeks

So I just got back from the OB from my weekly(!!) exam…

So my blood pressure was good – 100/60 now that I’ve stopped commuting to work. I had been stressing way too much the past few weeks. My weight looks good (I’m still almost ALL baby), fundal height exactly right at 37w and baby sounded good once she chased him around for his heart beat (he never sits still!). My Group B Strep test was negative, so I won’t need antibiotics before the birth.

She did an internal exam and it looks like the cramping I’ve been having the past couple of days is doing some work. I am 2cm dilated and 90% effaced(thinned out). She thinks that once my contractions set in for real, I’ll go past 2cm pretty quickly. While my cervix is still pretty far back, I am very thinned out and his head is really, really low. She asked if I knew if my mom had fast labors. All I knew was that we were both a month early and I ended up an emergency c-section because of my cord. I’m interested to hear what my dad says.

So who knows when things will pick up… Right now I just feel like I’m on the edge of getting my period. Crampy and yucky. I could suddenly get a bunch of contractions and go into labor tomorrow, or I could be at the same point next week when I go back to the OB. Danny has been convinced all along that baby will arrive at the end of January. Hmm…

And, OW it hurts to get an internal when you are dilated! Felt like she was in there up to my tonsils! TMI, maybe?

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