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February Baby

I’ve made it past January! Our little man will be a February baby. Danny had been predicting an end-of-Jan birth, but I made it through the weekend with nothing but a whole lot of pre-labor contractions and very little sleep. I have been going back and forth between thinking baby will be a Valentine present or that he will arrive past my 2/18 due date (2/17 if you go by LMP not my early ultrasound). Honestly, I’m super ready to not be pregnant anymore. I’m ready to meet him! So if he wants to show up a little early, I’d be good with that!

I’ve been feeling good for 9 months pregnant. No swelling anymore (I had a bit in my ankles when I was still stressed and commuting to Maryland), though I know that might change. I have problems with my digestive system and other unmentionable things, but nothing I can’t deal with. I feel crampy sometimes, but mostly I am just having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions 24/7. I don’t sleep much between those and my teaspoon-sized bladder. I’m still going to yoga classes – both gentle yoga and restorative. I have 5 more classes left on my pass, so I should be set for the rest of my pregnancy.

My hospital (and baby’s) are all packed and Danny has starting having me put them in the car when we go out. I don’t have his bag packed yet. I need to stop by CVS today, so I may get him some hospital snacks there (suggested by the hospital that we bring). His bag can’t be fully packed until d-day, as he has inhalers/sprays he has to use every night. But I can get a backpack started for him so it only takes a moment.

Work is busy busy busy and a little tough at times with all the contractions. There really isn’t an end point to what I need to get done before my leave – it’s more of a ‘do as much as you can in the time left’ kind of thing. I am grateful to not be driving to work anymore though. It was making my blood pressure go up. Now I’m back down at 100/60 where I should be.

Time for toast and work!

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